Tiny Hamster With A Broken Arm Will Make Your Heart Ache

It hasn’t yet been demonstrated by an overview or evaluation, but it’s quite regular information that on the off chance that you found any kind of rat in your place of settlement, you’d really, really hope it was a hamster.

What’s not to like? As pets, they’re low support, awesome fun, and most importantly, they’re cute as a button.


I mean, just look at that guy. You enjoy that swing, little buddy.

As a result, if we’re showing you a little hamster that’s going to turn your cute meters up to eleven, you know darned sure it’s going to be the cutest hamster ever. Unfortunately, he’s had a bit of an unfortunate incident, but ironically, his widdle injury only adds to the cute factor.

Are you ready? Guys, get far away enough from your male friends that they can’t hear you coo. Ladies, gather your best animal-lover friends, and let’s turn to the next page to see perhaps the cutest hamster of all time.

An hamster has taken the internet by storm, and on this page we’ll show you him in all of his adorableness. He first appeared on the internet with the caption “Little fellow broke his arm..”, and the picture of him below might just melt your hearts:


As the caption says, this hamster has suffered an unfortunate accident wherein he’s broken his leg, but despite being the size of a malnourished chestnut, vets have somehow found a tiny cast to go on his leg, giving this little trooper the best chance of not having his daily hamster life disrupted too much.

As is to be expected with something this downright cute, the internet exploded, and on the next page we’ll have a look at the best reactions from the internet. Turn over. Or you’ll make this little guy cry.

On the previous page, we saw the cutest little hamsters adorn the cutest leg cast to help him get through life without too much trouble. The internet caught wind of this tiny hamster, and here’s the best of the Twitter reaction:






Let’s hope that the increased social media attention will allow for better research into treatment for tiny hamsters such as this one, and hopefully we can see more sophisticated casts, or even a dulcet little wheel for little injuries such as this. Until then? This little guy probably should stay away from the hamster wheel for a while.



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