Peel Of Lemon Can Remove Joint Pain Forever

Having lemons every day is really healthy and the lemon is the most cultivated fruit in the world. It is full of minerals and vitamins like C, A, B1, B6, magnesium, bioflavonoids, folic acid, pectin, phosphorus, potassium, calcium… Use the peel to remove joint pain forever.


All of them together give you protection from many illnesses, like diabetes for example. Regularly eating or drinking lemons and juices will also have good impact on the stomach, liver, intestines and immunity.

Pregnant women can remove morning sickness by drinking lemon juice diluted water, freshly made, to ease up the vomiting urges. What removes the nausea is the smell and taste of the lemon and its effect on the stomach.

The peel of lemon is antiseptic and its leaves from the tree are used for removing fever symptoms.


But, did you know lemon aids in removing joint pain?

The peel of lemon is full of rich essential oils that soothe blood vessels and have anti-inflammatory properties – great for making nerve pain neutral.

The 2 best ways of using lemons for this purpose:

1.Grate some rind and be cautious since the yellow layer is what you need, not the white one underneath. Apply this peel on a sore and place bandage over it. Leave it that way for 2 hours and remove.

2.Take 2 lemons and peel them, then place them in glass jar. Put some olive oil over them and close tightly. This should sit for 2 weeks. After that time, the oil is good to go. Take a gauze, dip it in the oil and secure with bandage over the feet to sit overnight.

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