Céline Dion Cries Performing Emotional New Song About Her Late Husband For The First Time

On September 9th, 2016, Céline Dion appeared on the TV broadcast of the “Stand Up To Cancer” concert. It was there she performed her brand new single for the first time ever — a heartbreaking tribute to the men Dion has lost to cancer.

“Recovering” was written by pop singer/songwriter Pink, who personally offered it to Dion. It’s a moving song about the journey of finding one’s self again through darkness and grief. Dion dedicated her performance to her late husband René Angélil, who died of throat cancer at the age of 74.

Just days after her beloved husband’s death, Dion’s brother Daniel passed away from brain, throat and tongue cancer. Her father, Adhémar Dion, also died of cancer in 2003.

Before Dion begins to sing her heart out, she says, “I miss René every day and the loss will now be a part of my life.”

The music begins, and Dion delivers lyrics that powerful and gut-wrenching:

I am recovering…
The faith of a child
By a part of my heart
I was reckless and wild
I am recovering
A hope that I lost
A part of my soul
That paid the cost…

The most emotional moment of the performance comes towards the end of the song, when images of Dion’s husband, brother, and father are projected onto the screen behind her. At one point, she turns her back to the audience and tearfully faces the men she loves.

“Recovering” will be featured on Dion’s upcoming 2017 album.

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