7-Week-Old Baby Shocks His Mom By Saying THIS! It Got Over 3,000,000 Views In 5 Days!

Usually you won’t start hearing a baby speak until 16-18 months. So when a 7-week-old baby says his first word as clear as day, then you have a true rarity, as well as a video destined for viral status!

Cillian hails from Ireland. His mom, Toni, had begun to notice that her little guy seemed to be trying to communicate with her. That’s when she took out her camera and captured Cillian’s remarkable greeting that totally shocked her!

You can see how Cillian is figuring out his talking ability in the first few seconds. This guy is a fast learner, as soon after he sorts out the pronunciation, and then delivers a response to mom which turns out to be his first word ever! Mom shared his first word with the internet, and 3.6 million views later Cillian has indeed become the latest online sensation!

Check out Cillian’s wonderful response to mom!


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